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enggano island glamping project eco lodge sumatra

For Sale Beachside Surf Property - 2 Hectares

enggano island aerial view

Surf property for sale 2 hectares of prime beachside property available for sale on the remote Pulau Dua (2nd Island) of Enggano Island. Surrounded by coral reef and surf breaks all around. The 2 hectares property was previously being developed for a Glamping eco tourism spot on Enggano Island for adventure seekers, surfers and surfing adventures, divers, game fishing and just a general off the grid getaway. Due to the current market though and the conditions due to C19 the project cannot continue under the current ownership, so sadly the property and accompanying items are being sold with Glamping tents included to the right investor to carry on the project. For further details read on and look at the original proposal for the glamping project and contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

enggano island map location pulau dua

About Enggano Island

The long term proposal example can be seen here and in the linked pdf file detailing the project. It is a shame we have to give this project up but believe with the right investor the project can certainly be a success in the near future.

Enggano Island is located 90km south east of the provincial capital Bengkulu City in Sumatra and is reachable by large ferry (12 hours) or by government funded flights with Susi Air (40 minutes).

enggano island glamping project eco lodge sumatra

Enggano Island is the last in the chain of Indian ocean islands that run down the south west coast of Sumatra. The more popular Mentawai islands to the north of Enggano island are a perfect example of the popularity that will eventually come to Enggano Island and that overflow of tourists is already starting to happen every month visiting Enggano mostly looking for surfing waves. Enggano Island has plenty to offer and plenty of swells to provide surfing opportunities, beautiful reefs for scuba diving, unique species of birds for bird watching tours, sea turtles nesting grounds to view at night, fishing trips and hiking through Enggano island plus cultural Enggano. There is currently no quality lodgings to cater for a mid to high class market and that is the plan for the Enggano Eco Lodge. Enggano Island Eco Lodge was a proposed project to be built on the neighbouring small island called Pulau Dua. Pulau Dua is a 28 hectare island of which 2 hectares are set aside to build an eco lodge.

enggano island glamping project eco lodge sumatra

Pulau Dua is accessible by boat from the docks of the village of Kahyapu where the ferry enters. Travel time from the docks is approximately 5-10 minutes. If entering Enggano via plane the dock is approximately 1 hour drive from the airport.

The property location is on the southern tip of Pulau Dua facing east / south east and is completely protected by outer coral reefs that provide good surf waves or diving locations. The sight of the scuba centre as seen on the diagram will be the first initial villa available for rent and will also act as a central location/accomodation while the eco lodge is being constructed. Once completed the original villa will then be converted into a scuba centre when the facilities become available.

The Original Proposal For Enggano Island Eco Lodge

enggano island glamping project tent

The plans were to build an eco lodge that would cater for anyone and everyone to enjoy a quality style glamping experience in a remote location with many options to surf, scuba dive, snorkelling, game fishing and plenty of other off grid adventures. Sadly due to the market and the effects of C19 we cannot continue on the project. Contact details can be found below for any interested parties wanting to purchase the property and the accompanying items listed above.

The original plan for the property can be found in the linked pdf file. Glamping tents being installed

This is a golden opportunity for the right investor to take this project and continue to run with it. The property is ready to continue the development of a glamping location like no other. The potential for

enggano island glamping project eco lodge sumatra

a glamping style accommodation on the remote Enggano Island can be seen in the popularity of the surfing adventures and tours that are so popular on the neighbouring Mentawai Islands where the surf culture has grown due to the remote and untouched nature of the surf spots, it sure does beat the crowded island of Bali where finding a wave has become overcrowded. For now all the amenities are stored away while we await the right investor to take this project and build on from here.

enggano island glamping project eco lodge sumatra

Enggano Island is always developing and improving facilities and will be prime for more holiday makers when the local island airport starts receiving planes with seating for 75 passengers or more. This (Lion Air Wings) plane has already made test flights to Enggano Island and is only a matter of time before the flights are official. When this happens the flow through of tourism for Enggano Island and any glamping / eco lodge / hotel style accommodation will be in the perfect position to take advantage of the tourists coming through.

Surf Property Sale Details

  • 2 Hectares beachside property (ownership certification complete)
  • 3 Glamping tents ready to install
  • A well already complete for fresh drinking water
  • 1000W Solar Panel Inverter with 6x100W solar panels and two deep cycle batteries.
  • A small boat for transportation to and from the island
  • 2500W Generator for off grid work and powering lights
  • Also included in the sale is the website domains and
  • and Social Media: Instagram: @Engganoisland | @mySumatra

WhatsApp +62 081261939655

For serious enquiries please contact us via WhatsApp if you are serious and require more information for this surf property sale in Sumatra.
The original Enggano Island Eco Lodge proposal.
enggano island glamping project

WhatsApp +62 081261939655

Please contact us via WhatsApp if you are serious and require more information for this surf property sale in Sumatra.